2018 Rules and Format

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These are the sugestive rules and format for the 2018 Pulpspiel.
If you have any questions or suggestions please contact the organizers

 “WCT” Style: 3 game round robin “regular season” followed by a playoff round where there will be 2 further games guaranteed. In the event that there is an odd number of teams, some teams may need to play an extra game, but most teams will play 5 games total.
 Hammer for all games will be determined by draw to button (different player each game)
 Cumulative draw to button results for first 3 games will be used as a tie-breaker and to determine seeding for playoffs
 Free Guard Zone – 4 rock rule

 People currently working at a pulp mill
 Former employees of the pulp industry
 People who have curled in the Pulp Spiel
 Sponsors (only major sponsors can curl the back end positions)
 Teams that are primarily pulp mill workers (e.g. a regular club team that has 3 pulp mill workers or a team with 2 pulp mill workers and 2 spouses) will be considered, but need committee approval

 Thursday evening: o Registration; o Skills Competition; o Calcutta
 Friday: o Curling – likely 4 draws o Banquet; o Viewing of Men’s Gold Medal Game
 Saturday: o Curling – 4 to 5 draws o Viewing of Women’s Gold Medal Game
 Sunday: o Curling – Final 2-3 draws


If you wish to comment on this pulp[spiel

Please send to

Blair Hedden 250-991-0763
Tim Richards 250-992-0296